At Many Points Last Week, Parts of Me Did Not Want to Move Forward

by | Being Present, Connection, Perspective, Unity, Wholeness

Today, I worked on tasks with my old business—my job as an attorney. I also worked on creating a foundation for my new business—coaching with the assistance of my partners; my horses. I had problems moving back and forth between my left and right brain hemispheres and between my passion and my duties. Part of me also felt stuck about moving forward on my inner path.

So, after using my higher self to gently keep all of me – my four lower bodies – in my chair focusing on the tasks at hand, I finally had to break free and go out into mother nature.

At first as I was walking, my consciousness was still bouncing around in my head. It is a wonder I could walk with as little attention as I put into my physical body.

All of sudden, I heard the birds.

Oh my, what a beautiful song they were singing. As I listened to birds, all of me dropped into my body and I truly appreciated being here, now. Now, I could see the path clearly in front of me.

Even though I waited until the spring storms seemed to have gone away to head outside, it was not long until the rain and sleet came down again, and I was soaked. I was not going to stop. I strongly wanted to get up that hill, which seemed like a mountain, so I could meet up my horses. 

At the top, Mystic, my mare, came a-running. She thundered towards me and I wondered if she would stop. She did. I put the halter on her and started my descent with Mystic in tow. Even though she is fairly well trained, she balked and did not want to leave her herd. She did not want to leave the grass and freedom that she had roaming those high hills.

Several times, she even planted her hooves and resisted any forward movement. I talked to her and reminded her that I was the leader of our team. She still did not want to obey and leave her life of luxury with her herd on the high plains.

What is the lesson in this?

Parts of me on the inner and the outer sometimes does not want to move forward. Yet, my higher self that is often my leader, reminds me that if I do not move forward to finish a project, I will not get paid. I will not succeed at achieving my goals. So, even when I do not want to leave the herd of my outer friends or the comfort in not following my higher consciousness when I would rather play than work, I surrender and move forward.

I told Mystic that I would return her to her herd in two days and between now and then we were going to work together on some training. If I never asked Mystic to leave her herd and work with me, we would never develop the relationship I want, and she would not learn the skills for being a good horse partner.

When we move forward even when we do not want to, we develop skills and strength to climb our inner and outer mountains. Sometimes we just must move forward, and this is the right next step towards inner and outer wholeness.