Alchemy of Resilience

From Hertha Louise Lund

A tenderhearted and fierce memoir of healing from loneliness, despair, and excruciating physical pain.

Born to a troubled mother, who passed her own trauma on to her daughter, Hertha Lund carried this burden throughout her life, always struggling with a sense of not belonging-to any group, to any point on the map, to humanity as a whole.

In search of spiritual wholeness-following a path electrified by an undercurrent of deep pain-Hertha went from being a cow boss in Montana to a journalist in Philadelphia and then in the courtroom and the halls of Congress, often pondering what it would be like not to inhabit the physical world.

Eventually, her emotional wounds manifested in debilitating physical pain, followed by a near death experience-the catalyst she needed to find a renewed, fierce desire to live. She made a pact with God do whatever it took to recover from her past. She returned to her roots in Montana ranching country, where her deep connection with the land and horses helped transform her pain into profound inner strength. Ultimately, Equine Gestalt Coaching and faith helped her move through unresolved hurt toward willful transformation.

Hertha’s inspiring story is a guide to reclaiming your soul and walking from darkness into the light.