The Path to Wholeness Retreat

Four Horses for Wholeness Retreat Center
Grande Ranch
Martinsdale, Montana

Shed your old ways of being that no longer serve you and embark on your own path to wholeness. The Path to Wholeness Retreat will support you in living with more soul freedom.

How people are transformed:

“When you get to the level of wholeness that you live and emanate – you absolutely glow.” Also, “[t]he next one I struggle to put words on. It has to do with knowing that I was in the presence of a gift and feeling a call to respond to your open-hearted grace. And somehow Ruby (the mare this woman partnered with) helped me respond in kind. She gave me feedback to know when my heart was open.”

“One of the things that is wonderful about this retreat is that you are out here in this wide, open country.” Also, “Hertha is full of love. She is extremely professional. She is perceptive and intuitive. She guides and coaches with an immense amount of nurture, love and comfort. I would recommend it for anyone.”

How do the horses help?

Horses are kind, wise creatures who are keenly tuned in to what humans feel. They want us to be present and grounded. If we are feeling pain, fear, or confusion, horses often stand by us, radiating their peace and nonjudgmental nature, which is just what we need in those moments. Because they live in the present, which we often avoid doing when we struggle with our unresolved feelings and thoughts, their presence assists us to do the same. A horse’s unconditional presence of love creates a bond, a kinship with us during the sessions, which we feel tangibly, even if we have had no previous experience with horses.

Will I be riding horses?
No. All of our work with the horses will be done on the ground. There will be plenty of time to love on and enjoy being in the healing presence of our herd.

Come and share moments with the horses that will change the way you see yourself inside and out.

I want to live wholeheartedly

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2024 Dates

July 11-14, 2024

Book Now – 3 Spots Remaining

August 15-18, 2024

Openings Available

September 12-15, 2024

Openings Available

Retreat Snapshot

4-day / 3-night accommodations at a working cattle ranch in a beautiful, scenic piece of central Montana


An intimate, inspiring experience for those who crave living life fully and whole-heartedly.
(Limited to 8 individuals per retreat)

Retreat Overview

Contact Hertha or her assistant at 406-282-4002 for an introductory call and to answer any questions you may have.

A curated experience for individuals who are ready to release old patterns that are weighing them down and begin their healing journey for themselves.

As humans, we often hold the pain of past and current traumas deep within us, locked in our hearts and bodies. When this pain is released, we begin to gain confidence in ourselves and our abilities. We are likely to experience healing in many levels of our being, muster the courage to open our hearts and to express the love and creativity that we always felt within us. We become happier and the pain that seemed insurmountable loses its grip on us.

If you are someone who has been holding on to and suppressing emotional or physical pain within yourself, this retreat is for you! Also, if you are aware that you are not meeting your full potential to live wholeheartedly, this retreat is for you.

Designed to support your needs while you do the inner work, this retreat invites you to unlock and release the restrictions living within you so you are able to leave behind old ways of being and embark on your path to wholeness.

As we liberate the restrictions, or pain within our hearts and bodies, healing permeates various facets of our being, empowering us to open our hearts, express the love and creativity that reside within us, and ultimately find greater happiness. When we are whole, we can serve as a touchstone to hear others in their pain and be with them in ways that allow them to find resolution and freedom. Together, in a community of connection built on true freedom for all souls, we can rise from where we are now. We can join a community of love and start a revolution for wholeness that starts at home inside of us.

Begin your journey on the path to wholeness with our healing herd at your side. Through immersive gestalt coaching sessions with the horses, exploring the open range around you, and genuine fellowship, your old restrictions, patterns, and belief systems will be explored, and you will gain greater awareness. You will learn how to move through your feelings to find your path to embodying wholeness and being able to live wholeheartedly.

Contact Hertha or her assistant at 406-282-4002 for an introductory call and to answer any questions you may have.

The Ranch

The Four Horses for Wholeness Retreat Center is situated on Grande Ranch, a working cattle ranch nestled in beautiful central Montana. During your time at Grande Ranch you may see ongoing ranch activities, such as livestock handling, haying, and other activities going on around you. We will be inside a large barn with a round corral when we are working with the horses and coaching.
Learn more about the ranch


Nearby airports include:

  • Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (90 miles from the ranch)
  • Great Falls International Airport (135 miles from the ranch)
  • Billings-Logan International Airport (130 miles from the ranch)
  • Helena Regional Airport (100 miles from the ranch)
  • Transportation from the airport is not included in the retreat cost.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of this amazing place and enjoy an unforgettable experience!


Contact Hertha or her assistant at 406-282-4002 for an introductory call and to answer any questions you may have.

Space is limited! This event will fill quickly so please reach out if you have questions or need assistance with booking.

This enlightening retreat is a good fit if:

You avoid looking at the difficulties you’ve experienced.

You sometimes feel like you are damaged or unworthy.

You sometimes feel controlled by your past experiences.

You are feeling angry, sad or hopeless about the current state of your life.

You are interested in deepening your understanding of yourself and how you show up.

You would like to unlock pain and trauma you can’t seem to let go of.

You feel ready to make a change for yourself.

What’s included

Get ready to embark on a life changing adventure in the middle of Montana.

Welcome gift bag
Four days of restorative activities such as art, musical meditation, and nature walks
Over 10 hours of individual and group coaching with Hertha and her healing horses, Mystic, Merlin, Monk, Ruby, Sage and Night Hawk.
Chef-prepared meals shared around the table
Plenty of time to love on and enjoy being in the healing presence of the horses
Beautiful Montana sunsets
Camaraderie and inspiration
Individual room in or around the retreat center

Contact Hertha or her assistant at 406-282-4002
for an introductory call and to answer any questions you may have.