I Just Realized That A Leaky Vessel Cannot Be Filled

by | Wholeness

So just like a bucket with a hole leaks water, I just realized that I had a wound in my heart that created a hole in my being that could not be filled. So, no matter what, neither God, my husband nor anyone could fill me up because my vessel was leaky.

Fortunately, I no longer experience this hole in my being that was created when I was a little child by unconscious actions by my mom. It seems it is the way of the world right now to seek to fill ourselves from outside without pondering whether our sense of lacking is actually an inner wound rather than an outer lack.

My hole was healed by my experience in a coaching session with my teacher in the Equine Gestalt Coaching program which I will complete in August. Amazingly, experiencing the session, which helped me transform a wound that impacted how I experienced life, made it seem like my wound was my portal to transformation, serenity, and greater freedom. By this I mean that at a deep soul level I feel freer and now more connected horizontally to God and vertically to my husband and other loved ones than ever before.

As I experience myself after the hole has been sealed, I now feel full and that I am connected on multiple levels to love and wholeness. This feeling of safety and wholeness deep inside me gives me hope for the future even though the outer world is literally in turmoil.

I am so excited to be graduating from my training from the last two years to become a coach partnering with my horses to help others find their own unique pattern of wholeness. My teacher in the program, Melisa Pearce said that each of us is unique like a snowflake in our divine geometry. She likens our different parts to the views through a kaleidoscope. After graduating from Touched By a Horse in September, I will be opening Four Horses for Wholeness and offering coaching to those who are seeking a means to find their own healing and wholeness.

If you are interested and would like to know more, please check out my website fourhorsesforwholeness.com or email me at 4horses4wholeness@gmail.com. My mission is to serve a revolution for personal wholeness as a means to collectively heal the many places of dis-ease inside and outside of us. We do this one person at a time – one soul at a time finding their reason for being and then fully living from that place.

When we are whole, we can serve as a touchstone to hear others in their pain and be with them in ways that allow them to find resolution and freedom. Together, in a community of connection built on true freedom for all people, we can rise from where we are now. Let’s start a revolution for wholeness that starts at home inside of us, and from that foundation let’s transform our nations and all the earth to be the place we dream of.